Becca Marx: Words

Writer Becca Martin to Document the Mad Ripple Hootenanny

unnamedBecca Marx (formerly Becca Martin) is a local music enthusiast and writer/co-editor at A self-described “Cheerleader for the Arts,” she has been known to challenge sound people on poor mixes, share in the elation of a sold-out release show, and mourn for an unattended performance of an under-appreciated artist.

A native Australian, she still enjoys Men at Work, but her teeth were cut on the music of The Replacements, Babes in Toyland, Arcwelder, Husker Du, and The Style Monkeez. At a young and impressionable age, she bribed her older sister, Christine, to bring her to shows, and a lifelong love affair with local music was born.

These days, her city of choice is Minneapolis, because of the symbiotic relationship of its natural beauty and the arts. Recently, she was asked by Jim Walsh (author, musician, writer, former City Pages Music Editor) to document The Mad Ripple Hootenanny and didn’t hesitate, as she firmly believes “fear is the death of creativity.”

Her mission is to support and promote those who bear their heart and soul in the pursuit of their art. She would love for you to be a part of this mission and join her at Harriet brewing as The Mad Ripple Hootenanny starts anew April 30th.

Access all of Becca’s Words, here.


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