Joe Fahey (center, with Jim Walsh and John Magnuson) at the Fitger’s Mad Ripple Hootenanny, Duluth, August 2011.
Joe Fahey (center, with Jim Walsh and John Magnuson) at the Fitger’s Mad Ripple Hootenanny, Duluth, August 2011.

May 27, 2015

BECCA MARX: May 28th Hoot Preview

May is slipping through our fingers and in honor of the last Hoot in May, I have written a poem:

May you always showeth up,
May the food trucks always be arrived,
May the beer always floweth,
May the glasses always be risen,
May the stories always holdeth you,
May the music always playeth,
May you cometh again to Hoot in June.

Miss Becky Kapell is an Americana/roots singer/ songwriter who made a return to music in 2007 after teaching herself to play the guitar. Melodies and lyrics were intuitively followed and led to the release of her celebrated debut album “For Now” in 2012. Kapell is a veteran of the Hoot, and has performed with John Soshnik, Dan Gaardner (Roe Family Singers) and the James Wilkinson duo. Kapell plays often at the Mill City Farmer’s Market, Lee’s Liquor Lounge, The Tavern of Northfield, Dubliner’s Pub, Acadia and the 331. You can see her play on her birthday at the 5/28 Hoot!

The celebrated singer/songwriter Jon Rodine imbues an amazing amount of soul into his blend of country/honky-tonk music. In 2011, Rodine released his first album of entirely original material, “Last Star” to high regard. A contributor to the 2015 benefit compilation CD “VOICE: Songs For Those Who Are Silenced,” Jon performed the track “It’s Not The Spotlight” at its release show. An employee of the St. Paul-based, and Grammy Award-winning Red House Records, he has collaborated with Ralph Stanley, The Pines, Erik Koskinen, and Molly Maher to name a few. A prolific performer, Rodine can be found at venues such as the Nicollet, The Dubliner, the Eagles Club 34, the Amsterdam Bar and the Aster Café.

After a decade-long hiatus, Natalie Lovejoy released her third album “Hiding in the Light” this February. Listening to the album can be likened to peeking at the pages of Lovejoy’s diary; indeed, contextually the album is the soundtrack of her life. The Grammy-nominated Andy Thompson (Jeremy Messersmith) produced the album, and Jon Munson and Brian Tigue both play on it. The modern day torch singer is the owner of the Soapbox Salon/Performance Space, and performs regularly at Lee’s Liquor Lounge, Acadia, Icehouse, Dakota Jazz Club and the Aster Café.

“Kin folk rocker” Joe Fahey, is a gifted singer/ songwriter with a penchant for poignant mirth and wordplay. Fahey has been a player in notable bands around Minneapolis for quite some time including: the Blue Danubes and Carp 18. Currently, you can see him perform in The Bottom 40 and the cover band Local Hermits at venues such as The Tavern Northfield, The Driftwood and Lee’s Liquor Lounge. Carp 18 received national airplay on NPR’s Car Talk with the single: “I Could Not Steal Her Heart (So I Stole Her Car)”. In 2011, Fahey released his second solo album “Bushnell’s Turtle” to critical acclaim. In reference to time spent chatting with Slim Dunlap post band practices, he contributed the song “Picnic Table Blues” to the Slim Town Singles compilation CD. A 2015 release date for his latest project “Somnambulist Chaser” is planned via “Rough Fish Records,” Fahey’s own record label.

Thanks for indulging my attempt at poetry, and join us for the send off of May. Looking forward to more Hoot happenings in June!

Becca Marx is a St. Paul-based freelance writer and critic and staff reporter for Rift Magazine.


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