Dear Good People,

The Mad Ripple Hootenanny returns to Harriet Brewing this week on Thursday, April 30, from 6:30-9 p.m. with Dana ThompsonShawn GibbonsSarah StreitzBrad McLemore, and yours truly, Jim Walsh.

We’re back to the weekly songs, stories, shenanigans, spontaneity, and community that’s been the lifeblood of the Hoot for almost 10 years, and I’m happy to say we’ll be at Harriet every Thursday now until we’re not.

We’ve got cool ways for you to plug in (and stay plugged in) to the weekly Hoot and happenings: a new Hoot website, Twitter page and very own #MadRippleHoot hashtag (now trending like an owly beast), and more good energy and tunesmiths on the way.

I am going to use this space each week to write a little bit in this here hootenanny church bulletin about what’s going on,connected to the Hoot or otherwise. This week’s best news was the grand entrance and appearance by our fallen/not fallen hero, friend, mentor, bright shining light, Slim Dunlap, at the Slim Town Singles Hootenanny at Hi Fi Hair and Records on Record Store Day,which was an all-time Hoot highlight, sadly beautiful for sure, and a testament to everything Bob Dunlap is about: friends and family and rock and roll. Curtiss A & the Slims playing the man’s tunes back to him in ferocious fashion was as heart-ripping as church or music gets and thank God for Tony Nelson,who captured it all here.

Speaking of bright shining lights, the other good news is that one of our town’s most passionate live music fans, Becca Marx, will be writing as regularly as she can about all things Mad Ripple H, baby. Which reminds me, I need to change my strings…

Thanks to everybody who said they missed it when it was on hiatus and who said it’s an important thing in their lives. I hear ye. Thanks for reading and listening this far, and for your ongoing enthusiasm for The Mad Ripple Hootenanny, and for songs being presented and heard in an intimate way, and for the round-robin listening and collaborative magic that so often happens.

Also, LOVE. Yes, love: We, your trusty songwriters, couldn’t do it without the love of such good listeners and avid live music supporters, and we’re grateful for every last one of you beauties.

So by all means shhhh so we can hear ourselves sing… but also please help spread the word about the Hoot, this Thursday and Thursdays to come: Facebook share, tweet and forward this email (buttons on top). You can also RSVP and invite your pals via Facebook event.

Looking forward to Thursday, and much more to come.

Jim Walsh | | @SaintFabio

(Top Photo) Custom guitar strap by Silver Steer Design

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