Dear Good People,

“Music is stupid,” one frustrated local songwriter said to me a few minutes before the Hoot started last Thursday (4/30), with “stupid” being shorthand for how difficult it is to bare your soul so often and for so little validation and even less money.

Well. True enough. Then again, last Thursday was a good argument for doing what you love, and sharing that love no matter what, because humans do not live on bread alone. So yeah, maybe music as a fulltime career choice is stupid, but it’s also nourishing and edifying in ways the rest of life simply is not, and I’m here to thank all the songwriters from last week and all the weeks for doing it. As the great philosopher Minnie Pearl said, “Show business is made up of disappointments, and it’s through life’s disappointments that you grow.”

Onward. The good news this week is, thanks in large part to all the generous tippers last week, we all felt appreciated and it feels like the Hoot has fresh legs. Seriously. THANK YOU.

Last week was beautiful. So good to see so many familiar faces come out and listen to me, Sarah Streitz, Shawn Gibbons, Dana Thompson, Brad McLemore, Terry Walsh, Larry Long, Mary Beth Hanson, Chris Lunceford and Jeff Robertson. David Tanner took some beautiful photos here and Becca Marx wrote up the highlights here.

This week (Thursday, 5/7, 6:30-9 p.m., Harriet Brewing, FREE), it’s me, Brianna Lane, Venus DeMars, Terry Walsh (all with great new CDs out now!) and John Louis (CD coming soon!), gathered for Jerry Walsh’s 87th birthday bash. Hopefully the Old Man himself – a fine piano player and passionate music lover and the seed from which all things Walsh music spring – will actually show up and have a Divine Oculust with us, and we can sing him some Happy Birthday love.

So… come on out to Harriet. Hopefully the sun will shine and the food truck will show up. Have a blast and meet new and old friends and, as always, SHHHH the bleep up so we can hear ourselves/each other sing. See ya Thursday…


Jim Walsh | | @SaintFabio


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